Adherence to Ethical Principles

JIMRO Co., Ltd Endeavours to Protect Personal Information

JIMRO aims to be a global value-creating company that significantly and in a unique style contributes to the health of people worldwide on the basis of its philosophy embedded in “JIMRO people creating innovative products and delivering professional services for better health worldwide”.

Recognizing that it is our company’s Ethical responsibility to handle personal data faithfully and with integrity, we adhere to the laws pertaining to the protection of personal information, which is in line with the Global Privacy Policy of the Otsuka Group. Our officers and personnel are united in their efforts to manage and protect personal data.

Enacted March 31, 2005
Revised June 1, 2010
Revised November 30, 2015
Revised March 6, 2019
Toshiji Nagaki, President and CEO, JIMRO Co., Ltd.